About me


Hi! My name is Michael Lynn. My day job is as a software engineer but I also have general interests in computing that I am making available on this web site. This web site has been created to host some programs that I have written over the last few years and things that I want to share.

I have been a professional software developer since graduating in 1996. Since 2007 I have developed enterprise level web sites and web services using the Microsoft .NET framework and PHP. I have also developed software components and applications in C#, C, C++, Visual BASIC and Java. At work I participate in software design, implementation, testing, maintenance and estimates.


To design and implement useful, high quality, long-lasting software components and to do as well as I can out of it.


I have interests in relational and free-text databases, data migration, data compression algorithms and code optimization. Recently I have used the ASP.NET framework 4.0, 3.5 and 2.0 (C# and VB.NET) to build web services and web applications. I have also built PHP components, Moodle plugins and activities working with other programmers and graphics designers.

I have developed e-Learning platforms using Moodle and Totara and worked on the development of a proprietory track and launch SCORM compliant LMS. I have developed sites that use Content Management Systems such as Umbraco 3.0, Ektron and EPiServer. I have an interest in WordPress as an effective CMS for small sites.

I have developed COM Components using WTL, STL and ATL within Microsoft Visual C++ Application development. I have used the MFC in the past and still use raw Windows dispatch loop processing and messages when required.

XML and JSON are currently of interest for platform independent messaging. I have found CSS and JQuery to be useful for better cross-browser support when working with web pages.

Older technologies I have used include IIS 6, SQL Server 2000, and COM+ in a distributed architecture and migrated systems using Microsoft Message Queue, SQL Server 6.5\7 and MTS. DCOM, COM and SOAP were of interest in developing distributed applications and RPC.

About this site

The first program that I have made available is my Clock Generator. This was written for my friend Mark McMillan for some animations on his great web site Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly (no longer available).


Apart from computing I like going on holiday, arcade games, watching movies, Viz Comic, listening to a variety of popular music and spending time with my family.

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