AntiFolk European Tour 2002 - BarFly Glasgow

The venue

The AntiFolk European Tour 2002 venue for Glasgow was BarFly. The date was Friday the 22nd of November 2002.
BarFly is at 260 Clyde Street, Glasgow.

There is a cozy bar upstairs and a small venue downstairs that can accomodate about 200 people.

My ticket

Tickets Scotland Ltd charged us 8 per ticket, but we booked early just in case.


I found only 2 references to the gig in the newspapers.


Daily Record

Before the show

I had taken a half day at work to go home, get ready and then go back to Glasgow for the show.

Neil and I went to Glasgow by train. We met Jim Martin who signed Kimya's Birthday Card. We walked from Central Station to BarFly. I read Kimya's journal so I knew it was her birthday on the previous Sunday. I had bought her a birthday present and a card and all my friends had signed it. I checked before we went that they would allow us to take these gifts to the venue.

We had some time before they opened the doors so we went to Fat Boab's pub round the corner where I had some Irn-Bru and Neil had a bad pint. We played Pop Quiz and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on the puggy: I think we broke even.

At BarFly I bought some nice bottled water, checked out the layout and nabbed some of their leaflets. The doors opened at approximately 8.30pm.

The Show

When we went in we met Toby Goodshank who was practicing. I said, "You're Toby Goodshank. Hi, I'm Michael". We chatted a while and I gave him Scottish delicacies: 6 cans of Diet Irn-Bru and Tunnock's Tea Cakes for anyone that wants them. I know that he and Kimya aren't eating sweets at the moment but we thought it would be nice. I said that I had a birthday present for Kimya, he said that she would be out shortly - then he went on stage.

This page shows the actual running order and most of the songs that I remember. My thoughts are interspersed.

Toby Goodshank

I didn't get a picture of Toby on stage unfortunately, but this is how I remember him.

This is a picture of Simple, Toby and Cockroach from the Olive Juice Music web site. Toby sang a song about his ex-girlfriend and El Spocko from Music For Heroes: Volume 1 and a song from a CD called Compound.

Kimya came out and sat on the floor. I introduced myself and she said that it would be OK for me to sit with her during Toby's set. We sat on the floor together very close and I gave her the card and birthday present. She opened it slowly and carefully. It was a 20th Anniversary CareBear called CheerBear. We embraced in a big hug then she took the CareBear out of the box and put the name tag in her pocket. She sat with the CareBear on her lap the whole time. I was dumb-struck.

During Toby's last song he sang "Time Slows Down". I said to Kimya "but time goes faster", and she agreed. I asked if she could sing Everything's Alright and she said, "it's difficult, I don't know if I can remember it all, but I'll try".

At the end of Toby's set Kimya shouted to him, "Get back on that stage! You've got more time". She said to me, "Ooh - Did you see that? He wants to get away early." We went to the table to examine the merchandise and I bought AntiFolk Volume 1.

Major Matt Mason USA

Major sang Shark Attack, Misdirected, Tow The Line, You're a girl and Rockstar from AntiFolk Volume 1 and Honey, Are You Ready For The Ballet?

Major Matt Mason USA has the presence, breathing technique and reassurance of my old physics teacher at high school. "Misdirected" and "You're a girl" are excellent. I bought Honey, Are You Ready For The Ballet?

Kimya Dawson

Kimya sang Rocks With Holes, Everything's Alright, The Beer, Will You Be Me, My Bike, Eleventeen, Anthrax and Being Cool. These songs are from the albums My cute fiend sweet princess, Knock-knock who? and I'm sorry that sometimes I'm mean. You can buy these CDs direct. I'm sorry that sometimes I'm mean is available in the shops now and on Amazon.

When Kimya went on stage everybody gathered round crossed legged on the floor and looking up. It was like being at primary school assembly again. She started with Rocks with holes which is normally too sad for me to listen to. I sat with Toby who was drawing. I asked him "Why does Kimya sing the sad songs?". He replied "Oh, she has to", "people miss them if she doesn't do them". I said, "I might cry" and he said, "that's natural". I sat in the foetal position with my hood up.

Towards the end of Rocks With Holes I walked back and sat again with Neil in full view of Kimya.

Kimya then said "I don't normally do this one, but Michael asked" then she sang a perfect rendition of Everything's Alright. It got a huge applause - everyone smiled! The crowd were delighted and people flocked over to the table to buy her CD.

Seth from Dufus

Wee-ma-moo and Two Dogs.

Seth is a head shaking, vocally amazing performer. He sounds a bit like the southern guy from King of the Hill. A wild cross between Campbell Hart and Rod Hull.

Seth and Jeff (Anders played drums)

More Girl Cops!

Jeffrey Lewis

Jeffrey sang Back when I was 4 and then he showed us the Champion Jim video. He sang the song Life from The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (And other favorites) and showed us My Identity. To top it all he sang "You Don't Have To Be A Scientist To Do Experiments On Your Own Heart" from AntiFolk Volume 1.

Jack played bass with Jeff.

Jeffrey Lewis is a star!

After the show

At the end I showed Kimya my printed lyrics for Everything's Alright because I can't make out the last verse. She said that I should email her and she'll correct them. She said, "This is amazing! I want this sheet, no-one has ever done this before". Kimya put it in her case and we talked about songs and I sang the first 2 verses of an old and forgetten song. I'd like to hear to hear an AFNY version of it!

We briefly met Seth and Jeffrey Lewis. I asked Jeff about his comic books: I might be able to get them on Amazon or at Forbidden Planet. We also discussed our favourite tunes. Toby gave me a thumbs up and a wave.

We had our picture taken by Neil and we hugged again. I was intensely happy.

Neil and I sat on some benches and talked about Oscar. Some girls helped Kimya take her things out to the van. As Neil and I left the building to get some food we gave the AntiFolk a final wave. They waved back!


I went to a couple of gigs at University but this was the BEST NIGHT OUT I have ever had. Neil described it as AntiFolkin brilliant!

Key points

1. I got a mention on stage from Kimya,
2. Kimya says I should email her to get her other CDs and book,
3. I asked Kimya what her favourite song is. She said, "Too many to mention",
4. Lots of photographs were taken,
5. I bought AntiFolk Volume 1 and Honey, are you ready for the ballet?,
6. A really drunk student asked what was on my T-shirt. It was the Banana Splits!
I had to point out Bingo, Fleegle, Drooper and Snork. Available from Virgin in Buchanan Street, only 9.99.

Things I forgot

1. To get Music For Heroes: Volume 1 and Call It What You Want, This Is Antifolk. There were too many CDs to buy!
2. I did not mention that at lunch time I saw a bunch of students doing the dance for Lucky Number Nine at the grass patch at Charing Cross.
All the actions were right, but in the wrong order. They started off wriggling on the ground and then moving upwards. Maybe it wasn't the dance to Lucky Number Nine but it was remarkably similar.

After Glasgow the guys headed for the ferry to take them to Dublin. I would like to thank everyone involved in the AntiFolk European Tour 2002. It was beautiful.


AntiFolk Homestead
Olive Juice Music

Howard Bedding

We had to get a picture of this! Howard Bedding is memorable for its catchy regional TV advert slogan: Wake up, wake up, wake up - to Howard Bedding! Only 50 yards from the venue.

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