Brooke Bond Orange Label


Brooke Bond Orange Label was a brand of tea sold in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. They had an advert on television that scared me. Thanks to the TV Ark guys for finding this. Found (12/3/2003).


I only had a vague memory of this advert, most of the horror had been wiped from my memory. We thought that he was a sinister clown. Quincy MD from Can You Help said "I'm sure that the star of the Brooke Bond Orange Label adverts was Adrian Hedley and the ditty was done by Dick Stilgoe (although I'm not 100% sure)". I thought that he appeared with his orange spray paint after he attached his label to the carton but he didn't. It's amazing how we forget things.

He was actually a Marcel Marceau style mime artist. He looked a bit like the actor that played Pippin Took in The Lord Of The Rings!

Orange Label Pippin


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Brooke Bond Orange Label

Keeps the cost of a good cuppa down.


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