HTML Calendar Generator


I like writing on my calendar, but there is not generally enough space for my notes. I wanted to write a program to generate HTML which could be printed on A4 sheets. In 1995 I wrote a program for DOS to do this. I have turned this into a Windows application.


1. Enter the start year,
2. Press 'Get first day' to calculate the start day for the year,
3. Press 'Generate' to output the month files (0.htm..11.htm).


1. The default output directory is the Windows temporary directory, but any directory can be specified.
2. The output HTML files can be edited in any editor, colours changed and background images added if required.

Example output


Version 1.0

Known limitations

1. National Language Support is not enabled in this program, so only English day name abbreviations are used.


The program is available for download from the download page.

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