Diarrhea Dan (Mirror)

Disclaimer: This is an archive document which has been preserved incase the original source is lost. Copyright is owned by the original author and BBC.

A direct link to the SWF is here.
The original page is here.
For a full walkthrough on YouTube click here.

Shockwave Flash will no longer be supported by Adobe after December 31st 2020. Shockwave Flash is no longer supported on most modern Windows Browsers and macOS. My offline Flash Player can play this if the SWF plugin is installed. This works on Windows 10 64-bit edition if the appropriate Visual BASIC components are installed.

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Diarrhea Dan

A popular computer store

No self-respecting computer gamer's collection is complete without popular toilet game, Diarrhea Dan.

Don't own a copy? Well, now you can play it here thanks to new technology which allows the game to be loaded via your telephone line.

Your Task: collect sheets of toilet paper for Dan by answering questions. Mouseclick (or spacebar) to start. Press space to jump, left and right arrows to move and up arrow to select a toilet.




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