Digitiser Tribute


I was shocked to hear that Teletext have cancelled their computer games review pages after 10 fun-filled years. Digitiser was shown from 1993-9th March 2003 using the Channel 4 Teletext service.

It broadcast on pages 480-486, and later pages 176-179.


Please think on... no more Ring-Sir (Phoning Honey), Mr Nude, Mr Biffo, Mr Hairs (5 years before Alan Partridge), The Man Diary, giraffe rides, good reveals or Mr T complaining about people playing near his bins. No more saying a game is rubbish if it deserves it.

Other regulars included Stuart Campbell and Violet Berlin. We will remember them.

Last weekend

I can't say anymore, I am too choked up. Here are the last few pages written by the inimitable Mr Biffo. He is right, the new one does smell like a priest. A wet priest.

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