My Favourite TV shows


1. Phoenix Nights,
2. The League Of Gentlemen,
3. I'm Alan Partridge,
4. Blue Heaven,
5. Open All Hours,
6. Rising Damp,
7. Steptoe and Son,
8. Shelley,
9. One Foot In The Grave,
10. Frasier.

Man About The House, Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads and I Didn't Know You Cared were funny too. I liked the Gary Shandling Show for one gag, "I had a biopsy on this thing on my neck, but it was just fatty tissue!". The UK rip-off version called Sean's Show with Sean Hughes was terrible.

Dave Gorman also makes brilliant programmes.


1. Dangermouse,
2. Samurai Pizza Cats,
3. Hong Kong Phooey,
4. Scooby Doo,
5. Wacky Races,
6. He-Man,
7. Jamie and the Magic Torch,
8. South Park,
9. The Simpsons,
10. Beavis and Butthead.

In the UK He-Man and She-Ra were shown alternately. She-Ra was great! Wonder Wheels was good as part of Glen Michael's Cavalcade. I also liked the episode of King Of The Hill where his southern sounding neighbour drove the pace car!

I miss The CareBears.

Stop frame animation and puppets

1. Wallace and Gromit,
2. Bagpuss,
3. Morph,
4. Trumpton,
5. Thunderbirds,
6. Thomas The Tank Engine,
7. Cockleshell Bay,
8. Chorlton and the Wheelies,
9. The Flumps,
10. Terrahawks.

The Wallace and Gromit animations are a work of art, especially the railway chase sequence in The Wrong Trousers.

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