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Sweets from Canada!


Yes!! Kimya Dawson @ Mono. European Tour 2005 organised by Local Kid.


You will not believe what's been going on around here! Me and Neil went around Edinburgh with Jeffrey Lewis trying to catch the end of a show with The Trachtenbugh Family Slideshow Players - we missed them but it was fun trying!


Retro holiday - sunny Arran!


I met my comedy hero Dave Gorman at the fantastic Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Gid!

23/5/2004. Sky from my back yard.

A lucky snapshot.

12/7/2003. AntiFolk Summer Tour 2003.

Argh - all my pictures were blurred because I forgot to switch off auto-focus! This is the best one. From left to right we have Toby Goodshank, Strictly Beats, Cockroach, Me and Kimya. I like that 'Craig Loves Me Too' t-shirt!

20/6/2003. I remember these books.

During my summer holidays I met Adam Green, updated some templates and passed my theory test. I went to the dentist but I didn't get fillings. I had some ice cream. It was good.

5/6/2003. Claire, Adam and me.

Claire likes 'Dance With Me', I like 'My Shadow Tags On Behind'. Adam has some new ones too.


The Pencil at Largs. Takes me back to happier times.

16/12/2002. The Cumberland Spaceman. Cumbria, May 1964.

I was reminded of this story when I picked up the 13/12/2002 edition of The Daily Mail. The distinct spaceman figure was not seen when the photograph was taken, yet there is still no evidence that it is a hoax!
For the full story see here.

22/11/2002. When Michael met Kimya.

This photo was taken at the AntiFolk Tour gig at BarFly in Glasgow.
Wendy says we look cute together!

17/11/2002. I got a Banana Splits T-shirt just in time for the AntiFolk European Tour 2002.

Generally speaking people born after 1980 don't remember The Banana Splits.

3/11/2002. Autumn shades.

When autumn leaves fall wrap up warm and plan your journey.

18/10/2002. The Rocky Horror Show at The Kings Theatre in Glasgow.

Rhona Cameron is brilliant as the narrator. Jonathan Wilkes is excellent as Frank 'n' Furter, especially with some regional ad-libs. If you get the chance, go see it.

16/10/2002. Testing my camera.

Mark took the photograph. When that picture was taken I had been programming for 12 hours and I felt rough. I had chicken noodles and black bean sauce for lunch and 2 cans of diet Irn-Bru. I need a new Develop Mentor T-Shirt.

5/10/2002. Spoonface Steinberg.

This was on the table while having lunch in the bar at The Tron.

4/10/2002. Neil and Jeremy.

Childhood memories. I never thought that I would see Jeremy again. Dreams can come true.

3/10/2002. Song board.

I will go to a Mr Young and Jeremy concert, and maybe do a cover version...

18/9/2002. Photo of Kimya by Natalie Grupposo.

I climbed out of a big hole when I heard I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean.

Summer 2000. Jane, Sabrina and Alan having lunch.

Picnic in Boulder, Denver (Colorado). I wanted to go, but not brave enough. I loved Ceon (formerly FirstTel).

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