HOW GOOD is Blu-ray?

Basic Information

This document applies to PAL Blu-ray. The data storage requirements pertaining to the PAL Blu-ray coding scheme are outlined in this document.

3bytes per pixel
6220800bytes per frame
311040000bytes per second
1drive speed
4718592drive bytes per second
 at least a 2x drive is needed to play video
9437184video data bytes per second
96.96592593% video signal compression required

This means that the compressed data on Blu-ray takes up a fraction of the uncompressed data.


Blu-ray for storing 1080p video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio is a big enhancement over DVD, especially for films and programmes made in High Definition. A great driver for Blu-ray has been support in the Sony PS3. For me, personally, I will not replace all my films on DVD with Blu-ray because many of the films and DVDs I like were not made in the high definition era. The only exception may be beautifully restored Blu-ray programmes where they have gone back to the original negatives and remastered them using the latest technology in 1080p.

Examples of this include: The Professionals TV Series, The Prisoner and modern films such as those by Disney\Pixar.

The frailty of the disc format, price per gigabyte compared to hard disks (for writing), susceptibility to scratches and other imperfections are all issues for the disc format.

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