This program was written because most art packages cannot load or save .ICO files. It uses the Visual BASIC picture control to Load a .ICO of the selected type and save it to a .BMP. It is sometimes better to use .BMPs when developing applications rather than icons because so few applications can edit .ICO files. Some nicely drawn graphics are supplied in .ICO format so a convertor is required. This program meets this basic requirement.


1. Select the icon style to load in the combo box. This will normally be vbLPLarge (32*32) or vbLPSmall (16*16),
2. Press Load .ICO to load the icon,
3. Press Save .BMP to save the displayed icon in .BMP format.


Sometimes it is necessary to convert .BMPs to .ICOs, the best way to do this is to copy and paste the from an art package into the icon editor in Visual C++. I haven't looked into doing this in VB yet.

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