Just a few of my favourite web sites.

My friends

Afternoon Programmes Follow Shortly
TV Ark .... On-line Museum of UK Television Presentation
Richard's Live Journal
James McKay's Web Page (Mirror)
James McKay's Web Page
Wendy's Sky diving adventures
Heather Rae
Krisbee's Main Page
Bravenet Web Services

Beautiful people

Janice Galloway
The Moldy Peaches
Kimya Dawson
Toby Goodshank
Major Matt Mason USA
Jeff Lewis
Brad Willis

Janice Galloway taught English at my high school. She taught my class for a while in 1987.


Kimya Dawson
Adam Green
Olive Juice Music
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Zombina And The Skeletones

Be true to your school

University of Glasgow
University of Paisley
Garnock Academy

Programming and training

Codeguru Web Site
VB Accelerator
Develop Mentor
Video Card Stability Test


Joffa Smith
Shonen Knife


World of Spectrum
Apple Computer History
Marat Fayzullin's Web Page

Atari Demo

Dead Hackers Society
The CareBears Online
Leonard Homepage

Graphics and video capture

Alexander Grigoriev's home page
The Filters of Donald Graft

Windows Updates

Microsoft Download Center

Network Status

BT Broadband

Digital TV

DTG Engineering Channel Download Schedule
BBC 1 Listings
Channel 4 TV Listings


F-Prot Definition Files
Check Flash Version

Minor attractions

Fred Dinenage Dance - watch him boogie!
The Goodwill Fund
Friends Reunited
Tell Me More About Keynsham
Way Back Machine
TV Go Home

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