It's just a thread that lists things

Based on a thread from Ask The Family, these are things that probably mean something to people of my age.

10p mix!
Green delivery trucks,
ET Biscuits,
Sandwich Quiz,
Sea View,
Stilgoe's On,
Coloured Elastic Bands.

Bucks Fizz,
Children's Film Foundation on Friday 4.30pm,
Nutty Ice-Cream,
Chas 'n' Dave,
Rubber keyboard,
Diesel Trains,
Bromide gas.

Leg warmers,
Yellow snoods,
Morten Harket,
Stretchy Jeans mum bought at the market.

Leyland Leopard,
Brass bands,
Sousa march,
Liquid Gold,
Hair Bear Bunch,
Monster Munch.

Bedtime Routine,
Alan Price - Changes,
Volkswagon ad with Paula Hamilton,
Power cuts,
Full Throttle,
Cantanflas (Amigo),
Hella Hair Gel,
Cinammon balls,
Plaza Patrol.

Wham Bars,
Super Channel,
Nylon bedding,
Neil Innes,
New System Persil Automatic - it's in the shops today!

It's not over until the ULA is toast.

For viewers in Scotland

Things that make me know that I'm at home.

Irn Bru,
Sunny D,
Sausage Rolls,
Square Sausage,
Heart disease,
Oor Wullie,
Council houses,
Drummer girls,
Old folk,
Wee sleekit cowering timorous beasties,
The Neds,
Working for the price of a herring.


Honey and sugar are naturally occuring sweetners. Artificial sweetners include Saccharin, Nutrasweet (Aspartame) (Is it a Safefood or Poison?) and Acesulfame - K. A chemical analysis of all 3 can be found here.

ET Biscuits were cola flavoured custard creams. Green Delivery Trucks are remembered for delivering lemonade and bread. Alpine lemonade was delivered in yellow trucks with open tops so all the rain and muck would end up on the bottles.

Although brass band performances are quite common in the UK, in my experience they rarely play the excellent work of John Philip Sousa.
"The portrait of the Chinese woman with the green face" was by Vladimir Tretchikoff.
The ULA is the Sinclair Spectrum's Uncommitted Logic Array. A custom chip. See pinouts.

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