List Box Info


It is sometimes useful to get the contents of list boxes from Windows Applications. A list box may include data that you want to use elsewhere, such as the Add\Remove Programs list in the Control Panel on Windows NT4.0\95 and 98. This program allows you to copy that data into a text box, then optionally to the clipboard for use elsewhere.


1. Load the application you want to get the data from,
2. Load listboxinfo.exe,
3. Press the left mouse button on listboxinfo,
4. The mouse pointer will change to a size all cursor,

5. Move the mouse pointer to the desired list box.
The selected window will be highlighted when the mouse is positioned over it.

6. Release the left mouse button and the Window Handle number and text will be display for identification purposes.
7. Press the 'Get Contents' button on ListBoxInfo.


1.3 Rewritten using WTL and uses the Window Finder Tool,
1.2 Written using the MFC (required Window Handle to be known by the user),
1.1 Written as a console application.

Known limitations

1. This only works on simple list boxes. List views which have multiple columns are different controls and their data cannot be retrieved in the same way. I am working on a program to do the same for list views.


The program is available for download from the download page.

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