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Does anyone have "Die graskop polka" by Nico Carstens in good quality? It was the tune used in the end sequence for the film Slacker by Richard Linklater.

There are some Nico Carstens albums listed here, but none have this arrangement...
Slacker was released on DVD on 13th January 2003, so the quality should be pretty good on it.

Note: The tune is actually called "Skokiaan" by Horst Wende (composed by August Musarurwa). The credits seem to be incorrect!
The Weekenders by Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. I have a second generation copy on VHS. Is this, or the Blue Heaven Pilot episode by Frank Skinner, available on DVD?
1992, C4, Bunch of Five.

Does anyone have the theme tune to "You should be so lucky" in good quality? 1986, BBC1, 4.20pm
Anyone remember Buttercup Buskers? 1986, BBC1, 3.55pm



"Charley Says..." on DVD for 4.99 in HMV!
"I'm Sticking With You" from the Hyundai advert was performed by The Velvet Underground.

Will Hay films are available on DVD! I got the excellent "Oh Mr Porter" and "Ask a Policeman" at Christmas 2001.

Zest is still available in the UK! Savers Toiletries and Healthcare sell it - 4 bars for 99p. Manufactured in France and the UK by Proctor and Gamble.
Ingredients: Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Palmate, Aqua, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Glycerine, Parfum, Coconut Acid, Pentasodium Pentetate, Sodium Chloride, Cl 77891, Cl 47005, Cl 15510.
Ariston advert and Brooke Bond Orange Label (12/3/2003).
Robin Beck sang "First Time" (First Time First Love) in the 1988\1989 Coca Cola Advert and released as a single. Available in Woolworths.
The Bangles sang Eternal Flame. Del Amitri sang Nothing Ever Happens.
These were Dave Marshall Clyde 2 breakfast show (6am-7am) winter favourites.


Comedy Connections

Dawn Addams:
Zeta One as Zeta,
Father Dear Father as Georgie (Patrick's Publisher).

Carolyn Seymour:
Steptoe and Son film as Zita,
The Survivors as Abby Grant.

Patrick Fyffe:
Steptoe and Son film as Arthur (aka Perri St. Claire).
Dave Spikey played Jerry St. Clair in Pheonix Nights of course.

The ITV show that used the line "That's what we good wives all are" in the theme tune was Troubles and Strife. Not All In Good Faith (Richard Briers) or Oh Brother (Derek Nimmo).

Computer Games

Reveal on the ZX Spectrum used The Maple Leaf rag by Scott Joplin as the tune on the intro screen. It's not on Fishy.


I liked the fanzine competitions. This one is from Your Sinclair Issue 14 (Feb 1987), page 63. Spectacular.
They seem to use a Ferguson 38030 black and white portable, 48k+, Multiface (with through port), a Quickshot 2 and a Sinclair Thermal Printer. Nice. I also liked Reflex by Ewan Dalton and Phil Graham from Bit-By-Bit in Irvine reviewed in Crash Issue 38 (March 1987), page 53. They liked Tetris.

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