MSDN Library References

Here are some Microsoft Developer Network Library (MSDN) documents that I have found useful over the last couple of years. You can search for them by reference number on the Microsoft Web Site or via any web search engine.

Q83939 HOWTO: Print the Image of a Dialog Box

Q150777 INFO: Descriptions and Workings of OLE Threading Models
Q168795 HOWTO: Hook Into a Window's Messages Using AddressOf
Q173738 INFO: Object Hungarian Notation Naming Conventions for VB
Q174619 How NTFS Reserves Space for its Master File Table (MFT)
Q175179 SAMPLE: VBFTP.EXE: Implementing FTP Using WinInet API from VB
Q184696 HOWTO: Create a DCOM VBR File for a VC++ Server
Q190195 HOWTO: Extract Information from Excel Sheet with DAO

Q207931 HOWTO: Pass Arrays Between Visual Basic and C
Q249682 HOWTO: Change the Datatype of a Field using Data Access Objects (DAO)
Q228734 Windows NT Does Not Boot with Highly Fragmented MFT
Q232545 Description of Ultra DMA
Q241355 HOWTO: Edit and Tab with the MSFlexGrid Control

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