Napa MP3 Track Finder


I love my Napa portable MP3 player.

The only problem is that the display only displays track numbers, this makes it difficult to find individual tracks.

Fortunately the track numbers on the ISO file system are found in the same order as DOS so using my recurse class we can map the track numbers to the original file name! This is handy because we can then print the list and include it with the CDs. I have developed a little windows application to do this.

Screen shot


1. Select the drive to search in the combo box,
2. Optionally specify a start path to search, for example \my music,
3. Optionally specify the file extension (*.mp3 is default, but you may want to use others),
4. Press the find button.

For my CDs I just insert the disk, select my G: drive and then hit the find button.


Find - find files,
Save - save results to a newline separated plain text document,
Play - play the selected file using the associated Windows application (only works if show full path is enabled),
About - displays the about dialog.

The show full path check box was added because sometimes full path names are not necessary.

Known limitations

1. UNC path names are not supported,
2. During searching the program cannot be interrupted. Please don't complain if it takes a couple of minutes to search a 40Gb hard disk crammed with 12000 MP3s.


The program is available for download from the download page.

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