Old PCs


PCs go out of date very quickly. These have either been sold on, scrapped or broken up for spare parts.

2016-2022: Laptop

Acer ES (1.1GHz Quad Core), 4Gb RAM, 1Tb, 3 USB ports. Windows 10 Home Premium (x64).
Pioneer DVR-K16RA DVD±R/RW dual layer writer 8/24 (Firmware 1.16). 3 USB ports.

Failure: Screen broke, Hinges broke (common fault - the hinges are too small for size of screen), HDD was slowest available. SSD upgrade made it tolerable and will be reused.

2011-2020: Desktop

HP DC7600 VPro (2GHz, Core2Duo), 4Gb DDR-3 RAM, 500Gb HDD. 6 USB ports. Windows 7 Professional (x86).

Failure: Memory slot 2 randomly showing corruption. Windows 7 end of support.

2006-2016: Laptop

Acer TravelMate 2423WXMI, Celeron (1.5GHz, 400MHz Bus, 1Mb cache), 1Gb DDR-2 PC4300 RAM, Hitachi HTS541612J9AT00 120Gb PATA drive (8Mb Cache, 5400RPM, ATA-6).

2006: Backup PC

P4-2GHz Northwood (400MHz Bus, 512k cache), ASRock P4VM800 motherboard (LAN\Sound\Video onboard), 1Gb DDR PC2100 RAM, NVidia GeForce FX 5500 (256Mb RAM, 8x AGP), Maxtor 6Y080MO (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, SATA), MDT 40Gb (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, SATA), Pioneer 112D DVD±R/RW dual layer writer 16/40 (Firmware 1.15). 6 USB ports.

Foxconn TLM-397 Micro ATX case. Nexus 3600 PHT CPU cooler. Nexus NX-3000 300W Power Supply.

2006: Mame PC

Dell Optiplex GX260. P4-2GHz Northwood (400MHz Bus, 512k cache), 512Mb PC2100 RAM, 40Gb Hard Disk. SFF motherboard (Onboard LAN\Sound\Video onboard).
Goldstar CD-ROM Drive. 6 USB ports.

Original Western Digital Protégé WD400 (40Gb, 5400rpm) replaced with Seagate Barracuda (40Gb, 7200rpm).

2006: PC

Dell Optiplex GX150
P3-866MHz, integrated Intel graphics card, 4 port USB 2.0

Western Digital Protégé (10Gb, 5400rpm) hard disk replaced with Western Digital Protégé WD400 (40Gb, 5400rpm).

2004-2006: PC


2004-2006: PC

P3-733, 128Mb RAM, 40Gb Hard Disk (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, ATA133), ATI 16Mb video card.
Originally intended as a MAME machine but now too slow. Made from old P4 case and parts from eBay costing about £30.

2002-2006 IBM ThinkPad T20

P3-700, 192Mb RAM, 12Gb IBM-DJSA-220 (512k Cache, 4200 RPM, ATA66), S3 Graphics Inc Savage IX PCI graphics, Hitachi DVD-ROM (GD-S250), IBM ThinkPad Fast Infrared Port, 3Com 56k v.90 Mini PCI modem, IBM ThinkPad 1024*768 TFT LCD Panel, 3Com 10/100 Mini PCI Ethernet adaptor, PCMCIA Adaptor (Texas instruments PCI-1450 CardBus controller), Crystal SoundFusion sound card.
Good for testing the Nimmo project over a network.

Sold on


2001-2004: PC

P3-800, GigaByte GA-6VXC7-4X motherboard, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb Maxtor (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, ATA100), 40Gb Western Digital (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, ATA100), 10\100 Ethernet card, Matsushita SR-8585 DVD-ROM 8/40 (Firmware 1x32), LiteOn DVD±R/RW SOHW-812S 12/40 (Firmware US0A), 56k Modem.

ATI All-In-Wonder Rage Pro 16Mb PCI replaced with Voodoo 3-3000 AGP (£5.99 from eBay) for better performance.

2000-2001: PC

P2-350, 128Mb. Upgraded motherboard, CPU and memory to P3-800, 128Mb (133MHz) at trade-in shop (17/3/2001).

1997-2002: PC

P200, 64Mb RAM, 2.6Gb Western Digital (512k Cache, 5400RPM, ATA33), 4Mb SIS graphics card, 56k Modem, 10\100 Ethernet card, Teac 24x CD.

1994-2000: PC

Digital (DEC) 433. 80486sx33, 4Mb RAM, 240Mb Western Digital hard disk, ATI 512k Wonder graphics card. Good for Windows 3.1 and Borland C++ 3.1 for DOS. Still the fastest booting PC I have ever seen!


Video cards


16Mb AGP. Upgraded to ATI All-In-Wonder Rage Pro. I'll miss the pod (sniff).
Gone to a good home.

SIS 6326

4Mb PCI. Better base card for Voodoo 2.

Voodoo 2

12Mb PCI. My PC was too slow for this lovely card! Upgraded to a Voodoo 3-3500 and a new PC.

Cirrus Logic CL6446

1Mb PCI. This was a base card but only one quarter of the size of the old ISA version.

CD Writers

Pioneer 111D DVD±R/RW dual layer writer 16/40 (Firmware 1.06), 21/4/2006-3/6/2007,
Teac W58E, (IDE), (32x read, 8x write, 8x rewrite), CDRW, 12/5/2001-12/6/2004,
Matsushita 7502 (Compro), (SCSI), (4x read, 2x write), CDRW, 12/12/1998-12/5/2001.

DVD Readers

Matsushita SR-8585 DVD-ROM 8/40 (Firmware 1x32).

Hard disks

Maxtor 6Y080LO IDE drive (2Mb Cache, 7200RPM, ATA100).


512Mb DDR 3200 RAM

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