When designing web pages it is useful to see how the page will look in the web browser at different resolutions. Changing video resolutions on-the-fly isn't a problem because most video card drivers these days allow this without requiring a reboot but when running other applications at the same time it is easier just to resize the browser to the exact size required. This program allows you to do this.


1. Load the web browser or application you want to resize,
2. Load sizer.exe,
3. Press the left mouse button on the Sizer dialog,

4. The mouse pointer will change to a size all cursor,

5. Move the mouse cursor to the desired window frame,
Sizer will highlight the Window where the mouse is positioned.

6. Release the left mouse button and the Window Handle number and text will be display for identification purposes in Sizer.
7. In Sizer press 'Set Size'. This sets the window frame to the specified width and height.


Version 3.0
1. Made to work like SPY++,
2. Don't need to know Window names.

Version 2.0
1. Rewritten using WTL.

Version 1.0
1. Basic version written using the MFC,
2. Window titles or class names to be known in advance (e.g. IEFrame).

Known Limitations

Prior to version 3.0 there were the following limitations. These have all been fixed by a more intuitive user interface.

1. If there are multiple windows with the same class name opened only one will receive the resize message,
2. Only top level windows can be resized, MDI Child Windows cannot be resized.
3. The default window class name 'IEFrame' for the Top Level Window is for Microsoft Internet Explorer, but other window class names can be used. These can be found using Spy++. Other examples are 'Outlook Express Browser Class' for Microsoft Outlook and 'ThunderRT6MDIForm' for MDI applications written in Visual BASIC 6.


The program is available for download from the download page.

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