The Writing On The Wall (DirectX programming)

What is it?

This is a conversion of The Writing On The Wall (ACO 8) from The Cunning Demos by A Clockwork Orange on the Atari ST.

The source and the binary files are available on the download page.

Screen shot

Of course there is a scroller!


P2-333 or higher with music,
Decent graphics card capable of 640*480 in 256 colours,
DirectX 3 or higher,
Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP.

What does it do?

1. Sets up double buffered, palettized, full screen DirectX surfaces in 640*480 in 256 colours,
2. Displays a fullscreen vertically scrolling image,
3. Starts the ST Sound Engine (by Arnaud Carré),
4. Displays 2 big bouncing sprites,
5. Displays a horizontally scrolling message.


Nostalgia again. Zest was by WTF, so I had to do one by ACO. This is the last demo that I will convert from the Atari ST. Maybe Colin will see this and it will make him smile!


Build 2.
Sound player fix.

Build 1.
Written in 2 hours.

Build instructions

The program was built with Microsoft Visual C++ (Service Pack 5) on Windows 98 running DirectX 8 MiniSDK

1. Load myex1.dsw into Visual C++,
2. Goto Build\Rebuild All,
3. It should run.

DDRAW.LIB must be in the project, so go to the FileView and remove my reference and add a reference to DDRAW.LIB on your build machine if there are build errors.

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