Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Tips

1. STL Compliance

1.1 iostream.h, fstream.h is gone

in stdafx.h use:

#define _iso_stdcpp_
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>

1.2 ios::nocreate changes to ios::_Nocreate
1.3 doesn't like iterator check if(it), so delete it

2. Files to add to source code control


.suo is equivalent to .opt and does not need to be under source control

3. warning LNK4222

<projname> warning LNK4222: exported symbol 'DllCanUnloadNow' should not be assigned an ordinal

Remove @n in .def
Article: MSDN

4. WTL AppWizard

Use for Visual Studio .NET
Article: here

5. Editor

5.1 Editor: Tools\Options\Text Editor\General
Uncheck Selection Margin (Tree gutter)
5.2 Toolbars: Build, HTML Editor, Standard
5.3 Bind Class View, Solution Explorer and Resource View to Solution Explorer
5.4 Breakpoints: CTRL+ALT+B
5.5 Dockable left hand side:
ClassView|ResourceView|FileView can be docked in the one window
Class View|Resource View|Solution Explorer
5.6 My Profile
At Startup: Show empty environment
To restore use Help\Show Start Page

6. Linker

Linker: Project\Properties...
Select Linker\Input in tree view
Additional Dependencies lists .lib files to link

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