Work In Progress

Personal projects over the last few years - and random thoughts!

Aim: personal improvement plan.
I should release dupecheck, integchk, flatcopyprefix, hexsearch, killwin32 and urlgenerator when I have time.

Some people have asked for enhanced versions of the Clock Generator and Desktop Restore, but I have very little time due to work committments.



RemoteFileCopy started as a simple platform independent file copy protocol.
Superdisk 7 Intro Converted.
Windows XP Product Key Viewer made available.
Used Gameboy Advance development tools to make ROM image with ZX Advance and Spectrum programs we wrote between 1986-1989.
Get Installed Applications made available.
TV-Ark guestbook migrated to new PHP Guestbook. Includes spam filtering and database backup functions.
Microsoft Official Course 2073A: Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database completed.
ZX Spectrum Certification attained.


Started transfer of VHS recordings to DVD using high quality set-top recorder and new PC using TMPGEnc DVD Author.
Entire music collection converted to high quality MP3.
Ensured high service level, regular web site updates and PHPBB security update for
Helped restore What's New on new TV-Ark server.
Wrote PHPBB\MySQL rendering scripts for 3 word story.
Transferred to Windows XP SP2 completely.
Diagnosed and fixed several problems with new PC myself after time wasting and mistakes by retailer.


Wrote the what's new PHP application and designed the MYSQL database for TV-Ark.
Broadband enabled November 12th 2003.
Nimmo was finished in August 2003.
- I will continue to support it for my friends but for me this spare time project is no longer viable.

Saw a bunch of shows and movies, they were good.
Painted some pictures to take my mind off things.
Learnt the PHP programming language.
I helped set up and I am a web master of the all new Kimya Dawson web site.


Windows version of video mixer,
Noseybonk and Jigsaw insanity,
New version of Sizer,
Hex Search and Hex Dump made public,
Desktop Restore is good,
Pompey Pirates Menu 26 converted,
The Writing On The Wall demo,
Crayon Shinchan Melon Demo conversion started, but abandoned.


December 2001
Rewrote the TechTech Demo using DirectX,
Made bumper VCD: John's Not Mad, follow-up, Osymso Pop Video and Mad John Pop-Video.
November 2001
Amiga software converted to .ADF format after problem identified in the version of DMS we used initially.

October 2001
Design and started implementation of Nimmo project.
September 2001
Simple dynamic HTML form builder from an ADO recordset written in VB - could be handy one day,
ADO disconnected recordsets investigated,
Icon to Bitmap convertor written.

August 2001
AVI Mixer started - can mix any 2 AVI files with transparency,
Old Spectrum Programs written by me and some friends from 1986-1989 converted to .Z80 and .TZX format,
sizer.exe developed to resize any Window to a specified width and height based on class name,
Sonic Game Music collection converted to MP3 music format.
July 2001
Web site created,
Corel Linux 1.1 installed based on Debian 2.2 kernel, works great but removed later to have Windows 2000 Professional Edition and Windows 98 on my system.


Christmas 2000
Extremely simple free text search engine written in C++ for Windows 98. Simple coding scheme but potentially useful,
What.exe written to help identify location and version numbers of COM components, even in MTS or by SCCS id for UNIX compatibility

July 2000
Clock Generator started,
Proprietory Motion JPeg encoder and decoder written using the Intel JPeg library.

Ancient history

File recursion class developed,
Shockwave Flash ActiveX container written in Visual BASIC, excellent for offline viewing .SWF files.
Also did one for Vivo Files.

Local phone directory conversion program written using the MFC and DAO for small company. The data was extracted from a proprietory coding scheme and inserted into a Microsoft Access Database,
BIG Demo music collection converted to .YM format using the PaCifiST Atari ST Emulator,
Client and Server application development investigated in C (Winsock), C++ (MFC\CSocket) : single and multithreaded, Solaris 2.6 : concurrent and iterative, Java JDK 1.2 and Visual BASIC.
Programming FAQ started,
Got online at home.
All my Atari ST and Amiga software converted to .DMS and .MSA files. Large demo and music module collection converted.

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