Zest is Best (DirectX programming)

What is it?

Named after the classic "Soap Tonic" this should be of interest to C++ programmers.
This is a rewrite of an old Atari ST demo called Zest is Best by Wheee The Fibble, but this is less amazing than it seemed 10 years ago. It was written to help me "get back into" graphics programming. The source and the binary are available in the download page.


P2-333 or similar (this is the minimum spec I have tested it on, but a P200 should be fine),
Decent graphics card capable of 640*480 in 256 colours,
DirectX 3 or higher,
Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP.

What does it do?

1. Sets up double buffered, palettized, full screen DirectX surfaces in 640*480 in 256 colours,
2. Precalculates sine waves for the sprite path,
3. Displays a gigantic Zest sprite following precalculated sine waves (then in reverse),
4. Displays a full screen chequer board pattern zooming smoothly from 1*1 pixel to 147*147 using an optimized screen filling mechanism,
5. Displays 2 640*32 smooth horizontal text scrollers using the Knighthawk's font (from the Amiga).

Screen shot


I wanted to show that there is no excuse in this day and age for the boring old Marquee to be so flickery.

Build instructions

The program was built with Microsoft Visual C++ (Service Pack 5) on Windows 98 running DirectX 8.

1. Load myex1.dsw into Visual C++,
2. Goto Build\Rebuild All,
3. It should run.

DDRAW.LIB must be in the project, so go to the FileView and remove my reference and add a reference to DDRAW.LIB on your build machine if there are build errors.


Build 5.

1. All offscreen surfaces are created in system memory and not video memory. Fixes horizontal scroller problem on NT 4.0

Build 4. Released.

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